The Matriarchs: Four Women Who Birthed a Nation and Changed History

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have rightly been common subjects of study when it comes to the Bible.

But what about their wives, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah? Were they just along for the ride? No! God called those specific women to the great ministry of mothering His chosen people. It was a big, important job that they would never be able to do without His power working through them.

Just like Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel and Leah, you have been hand-chosen by God to do big things for Him. Join Christian Author and Speaker Alicia Marks study these women together in The Matriarch’s: Four Women Who Birthed a Nation and Changed History, a new six-week Bible study for individuals, small groups, and churches.

This Bible study is different in that it looks at some familiar stories, from an entirely new perspective - the women! Along the way, we will learn about justice, forgiveness, prayer, learning to see others with Jesus’ eyes, thriving in difficult circumstances, and waiting on God.

Nobody likes to wait, but since waiting is so often part of God’s plan for us, we are going to learn how to wait well.

Join The Matriarchs today! Now available as an Individual Study and a Group Curriculum.


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